Our Diversity is our Greatest Strength.

Removing the Cap on H1-B Visas

People from around the world have come to the United States to earn an education that makes them competitive in the job market. Each year, thousands are unable to stay in the U.S. because they do not win the visa lottery.

Our international graduates deserve to stay.

Reforming Family Sponsorship

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins: All are family and all deserve to be able to join their family in the United States. We will fight to make them eligible for sponsorship.

From a brother in Mexico to a married child in the Philippines, families across the country are waiting more than twenty years for their approved applications to lead to a visa. It is time to lift the annual cap on approved family members.

Families are stronger when they are together.

A Pathway to Citizenship for TPS and DACA Recipients

The future of millions of TPS and DACA recipients lies in the hands of the President. We cannot allow each election cycle to have such a profound impact on the ability of our brothers and sisters to make a living.

We will push for a pathway to citizenship for every TPS, DACA, and DACA-eligible individual in the United States.

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