Healthcare for All

Medicare for All, with a public option along the way. Public production of generic drugs. Regulation of insurance prices.

Healthcare is a human right and universal coverage is an American priority.

Education Funding

Universal Pre-K. Free school lunches. Class sizes capped at 25. Increase in Title I funding. Student loan forgiveness.

There is no excuse for giving anything less than our all to children.

Immigration Reform

Pathway to citizenship for DACA and TPS recipients. Removing ICE from our Jersey prisons. Giving Members of Congress full access to detention facilities.

Our diversity is our greatest strength, y el pueblo unido jamás será vencido.

We need a new way forward.

We believe in working people. We are organizing to develop strategies that will empower a generation.

-Paid internships. Our interns are compensated at least $15 an hour for their work.

-No warchests. We pledge to donate 100% of our unused campaign funds back into the district after the election.

-Term limits. We are stronger when we include new voices. We will fight for five term limits for House members and two term limits for Senate members.

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Blake Michael

Will you join us?

Will you donate today to help us mobilize the community? From paying our interns a $15 wage to donating to community organizations, we believe campaigns are about more than a candidate.

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